Why Aren’t You Selling Online?

The incorporation of online shopping solutions and eCommerce in general continues to be a swiftly increasing aspect of doing business in the modern age. Every year the amount of sales being conducted online continues to increase at a fairly steady rate. The marketplace, over the last ten years or so, has transformed to such a degree that it is currently a reality that if you’re running any sort of sales business, you are, in almost any case, cheating yourself out of revenue if you do not have a viable online method for selling your products or services. And, with just how easy it is now to set-up and operate such an online eCommerce presence there really isn’t any excuse not to.

Online Store WWW Shopping CarIf you are currently running such a business and your business doesn’t, in fact, have any such online availability for potential customers looking to purchase the types of products or services you deal in, I wonder if you’ve really sat down and thought about the true importance of having such a web presence? Are you actually cognizant of just why having a method for selling over the internet is now such an imperative need for just about any business?

There are, of course, a number of reasons for this — a number of reasons which you may have failed to take into account at the expense of your bottom line. For one thing, an eCommerce presence provides multiple, powerful, and yet quite simple, avenues for the promotion of your business. The internet is simply geared towards the efficient dissemination of information. That’s what it’s all about. That’s its very purpose — it real reason for even existing. Therefore, there is a wealth of advantages that lend themselves to the easy and efficient dissemination of information about YOUR business built right into the very structure of the internet. If your business doesn’t have an eCommerce web presence, then your business isn’t benefiting anywhere near as much as it could be from these promotional avenues.

Another reason is that making your products or services available online, with practically no effort whatsoever when compared to the physical world, will open your business up to a much wider market and potential purchasing pool. If you sell products that are able to be shipped and you’re not selling them on the internet via some sort of online store or eCommerce method, then you ARE drastically limiting your business. Why would you purposefully do that? Again, with simplicity and ease, and with the stunningly little cost with which effective eCommerce solutions can now be implemented, there really is just absolutely no excuse for limiting your business and injuring your bottom line in this fashion.

So, you really do need to ask yourself: Why aren’t I selling online? I’ll bet you can’t provide a reasonable answer to that question. I’ll bet you can find no valid excuse. The facts are: It’s simple to do. It’s highly cost effective. And, it can’t decrease your sales. There is simply no excuse. If your business currently doesn’t employ any sort of avenue for online selling, then at the very least you could be utilizing systems like an eBay store or an Amazon webstore. With such systems practically all of the set-up work is done for you. And, they cost nothing. You simply pay a percentage commission whenever you make a sale.

So, think about it — Practically no effort, no costs (unless they’re already covered by a sale that you wouldn’t have otherwise made), you drastically increase exposure to your products or services and business, you widen your available market and customer base, and your sales can ONLY increase. Isn’t that exactly the kind of “too-good-to-be-true” opportunity that every business owner constantly wishes actually were true? Well, in this case, it’s certainly not too good to be true. It IS true. What excuse could you possibly have not to take advantage of it?

Why isn't your business selling online?If you’re currently running practically any sort of business that doesn’t currently employ some sort of method for selling online, the fact of the matter is that your business is being limited. If you’re thinking then of investigating different options for incorporating some sort of online solution for your business here are a number of different options that you may wish to look into:

  1. Market Theme — Take advantage of the incredible ease of set-up and maintenance that a WordPress website provides and turn it into your business’s eCommerce solution.
  2. The Online Store Blue Print — Learn exactly how to start and operate an online store for your business, along with incredibly effective methods for maximizing its sales potential.
  3. SaleHoo.Com — Learn how to implement your online store or eCommerce solution in order to get a real competitive edge over your competitors. Use SaleHoo to create your online store, and, if you have the need, to source thousands of the best suppliers at the lowest possible prices.
  4. Facebook Store — An interesting plug-in that will allow you to open an online store using only Facebook. Just plug it in and with a click or two of your mouse, you will have a functioning online store operating right on Facebook.
  5. How to Create an Online Store — Our own primer covering the basics of exactly how to set-up your own online store.

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