How To Create an Online Store

Everybody with goods or services to sell, in this day and age, wants to bring those goods and services to the Internet to offer up to the masses of online buyers out there. Unfortunately, for many people with such a want, they just don’t know exactly how to create an online store. Luckily it’s easier and more painless than it ever has been to create an online store that you can use to sell your particular wares.

When I first got started in ebusiness it was the mid 1990s. 1995, to be exact. I wasn’t running an on-line store then — I was creating, promoting and hosting web pages for other businesses. This was right at the time when the Internet, to most regular people, was brand new and it was a HOT item. There was a common perception that if you could “get your business on the Internet” people would just start throwing gigantic amounts of cash at you nonstop. The problem was, while every business owner knew that they had to “get their business on the internet” almost nobody knew how. Indeed, the vast majority of them didn’t even know what the Internet was — at all.

How to create an online storeThere were a number of times back then when I’d get a call from some business owner who would say something like “I want to get our business on the Internet. Now, what is the Internet, exactly? And, how can I get my business on it?” They had no idea — they just knew there was this thing called the Internet and if their business was “on it”, they’d be making more money than they currently were. It was an odd time.

But, this article is about how to create an online store. Not how to “get your business on the Internet”, so, allow me to cut to the chase:

Back then, everybody wanted to “get their business on the Internet”, but almost nobody knew how. The thing is, there was good reason why they didn’t know how. The reason was, back then, very often there wasn’t a “how.” If you’re wondering how to create an online store today, you’re in luck — because there are a multitude of systems in place to day that have been set-up specifically to facilitate your creation of an online store. Those systems weren’t in place back then.

So, today, if you’re trying to figure out how to create an online store, there are a great number of avenues I can point you toward. Back then, nothing. It’s 1995 and you’re interested in selling your merchandise directly over the web? You’re trying to figure out how to create an online store? Well, tough luck. You can’t! The technology for doing so hasn’t been invented yet.

But, you’re lucky. You’re living in the world of today — not the world of 1996. Today you have many multiple options at your disposal. Online stores are commonplace. Online shopping is normal and popular. In this day and age who hasn’t made purchases from online stores.

How to Create an Online Store

The process can be very quite simple, if not somewhat involved. In this article we’ll touchly briefly on the steps involved in how to create an online store:

Step 1 – Decide what you’re going to sell.
Step 2 – Test the market.
Step 3 – Develop a business plan
Step 4 – Register your business.
Step 5 – Decide whether you’re going to develop your own online store, or use a third-party eCommerce service.

Developing your own online store:

Step 5A – Register a domain name.
Step 5B – Choose and procure a web host.
Step 5C – Design and publish your website.
Step 5D – Choose your eCommerce, or shopping cart software.
Step 5E – Set up a merchant account to process payments.

Using a third-party eCommerce service:

Step 5A – Research available services to find which one best fits your needs.

How To Create an Online Store — Attacting customers:

Step 6 – Promote your online store using social media tools.
Step 7 – Purchase advertising for your online store.
Step 8 – Run promotions for your online store.

And, those steps, in a nutshell, is what you need to do to create an online store.

Be sure to visit us again next week for part-two of this How To Create an Online Store article, where we’ll explain in detail each of the steps that we’ve listed above. But, for more valuable information regarding how to create an online store, be sure to look around OnLineStoreHowTo.Com for more informing articles.

Good luck! And, I’ll see you next Monday!

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