How to Get More People to Like Your Facebook Business Page

There’s absolutely no denying that, these days, social media marketing is an extremely important element of a complete marketing strategy. If you’re currently running your own online store, are thinking about starting an online store, and are hoping for it to be successful and actually generate healthy profits for you, then social media marketing absolutely can not be ignored. Your online store needs a Facebook page, a Twitter page, Google+ page, at the least. And, you should be devoting some amount of your daily work schedule to keeping these pages active. There’s just no reason not to, and every reason why you should. A daily Facebook posting, tweet and post to your Google+ page can be done by taking less than, perhaps, 15 minutes out of your daily schedule, and it’s a free marketing and promotional avenue that can facilitate exceptional impact to your online store’s profitability.

How to get more people to like your Facebook business page.
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Today, in this article, I’m going to concentrate on your online store’s Facebook page and let you in on a little known secret that, if implemented, will both quickly and effectively result in a great many likes to your Facebook page.

So, as I’ve said — and, as you should have already been aware — having an maintaining an active Facebook page for your online store is absolutely imperative. However, if you’ve ever tried to start a Facebook page for anything, you’re most likely also aware that getting anything more than perhaps a couple of dozen likes (if you’re lucky enough to get that many) to your Facebook page can be extremely difficult. And, having a lot of likes on your Facebook page is very important. Facebook uses the amount of likes a page has, in part, to determine the level of propagation your Facebook page, and anything you post to it, will receive. Therefore, the more likes your Facebook page has, the easier it becomes to gain even more likes on top of the ones you already have — as, of course, the more likes your Facebook page has, the more commonly it will end up in front of people’s eyes in their personal Facebook timelines — and that means more chances that someone will share a post of yours, and the more the Facebook friends of those who have already liked your page might also click your page’s like button.

But, how to get a lot of Facebook likes fast, that is the question! Is there, in fact, any sure-fire methods of how to get more people to like your Facebook business page? And, by “more people”, I mean thousands. The answer is, yes, there most certainly is.

I’m going to give you two different methods here for how to get a lot of Facebook likes fast on your business’s Facebook page. Implement either one or both of them — I would suggest doing both. But, I would also stress that implementing these two methods should be viewed as just a starting point. Yes, if you implement both methods, you should see the number of likes your Facebook page has increase by thousands within a matter of days. And, having this amount of likes will work to increase the amount of exposure Facebook gives to your page. But, the particular *kinds* of likes you’ll receive wont be of the most valuable type. They wont be targeted likes — they wont be likes from people with a clear and specific interest in what your online store is offering.

So, with that being the case, while they will work to increase the amount of exposure your Facebook page will get, and, as such, make it somewhat easier for you to generate more likes of the quality that are valuable from a direct marketing stand-point, the thousands of likes your Facebook page will receive by carrying out the these two methods will not be effective at all in *directly* boosting revenues for your online store. So, keep in mind that gaining likes in this way should be seen as a method useful in simply getting the ball rolling, so to speak, when it comes to how to get more people to like your Facebook business page. But, you should also continue to devote time and effort toward getting the really valuable organic Facebook likes to your page as well.

I suppose, at this point, I should make it known that neither of these methods are free. But, don’t stop reading just yet! Because, while they may not be free, both are exceedingly cheap. And, I do mean exceedingly cheap!

Get a lot of Facebook Likes Fast — Method #1

This first method is the quickest, easiest and cheapest. It’ll cost you all of five whole dollars and can result in up to 4,000 or more likes to your Facebook page within a few short days. What you’re going to do is simply buy the likes from a seller on Fiverr. Simply go to Fiverr.Com and do a search for “Facebook likes”. You’ll be presented with a number of sellers offering to, in exchange for $5.00, provide your Facebook page with anywhere from a thousand to four-thousand Facebook likes within a few days.

How to increase facebook likes for business.Look for a seller that has a high seller rating (90+%) and a fair amount of reviews on the Facebook likes gig you’re considering. Try to look for gigs that, in the gig description, advertise that the likes are “real” likes, and permanent. Then, simply purchase the gig from them. You should see your page’s likes begin climbing within the time advertised on the Fiverr gig page.

Does this work? Yes. Are the likes any good? Well, that depends on what your expectations are. Are the likes that your Facebook page will recieve via this method as valuable as the natural, organic sort of likes you’d get from good ol’ honest and hard-work promotional efforts? No. Not by a long shot. The accounts that will be liking your page from this method will practically never, ever, click-through to your online store, or any other web-page. They will very rarely ever post to, to engage in way with, your Facebook page, if they ever do at all. They’ll seldom comment on, or share, any content you post to your Facebook page. But, they are Facebook likes nonetheless. And, they will serve to make your page appear to be popular to real potential customers — I mean, if a real, potential customer happens upon your businesses’s Facebook page do you think it looks good if your page has a total of a couple of dozen likes? Do you think that’s going to go a long way in building consumer trust for your business? Even if the likes your page generates in this way aren’t particularly valuable in directly creating buzz and sales for your business, don’t you think it would look much better for a potential customer happening on your page and seeing that your business is “liked” by THOUSANDS?

Get a lot of Facebook Likes Fast — Method #2

The second method is, quite simply, to purchase advertising from Facebook itself. Now, I know what you’re thinking: That’s too expensive! Well, no. It’s not. Not if you know how to do it correctly. Everybody knows that you can purchase ‘boost’ advertising from Facebook in order to increase your page’s exposure and get more likes, right? So, I’m not revealing anything new here. Well, that’s not entirely true. Because what I am going to reveal isn’t the particular method for how to get more people to like your Facebook business page itself. What I’m going to reveal is how to implement the method for very little money.

You see, the problem is — just why purchasing advertising from Facebook this way is so costly — is because you’re competing with a lot of other advertisers — some of them real powerhouses, like Amazon, or eBay, or what have you — to get your ads seen. The more people who are purchasing promotions from Facebook in similar veins as you, the more the cost of the advertisements are driven up. So, what you need to do is purchase this exposure from Facebook in such a way that you’re actually not competing with very many other advertisers — especially ones who have the resources to spend six or eight dollars per response. Which, of course, you most likely can’t afford. And, if you can, well… I’ll shut-up now. Because it’s you who should be teaching me regarding online marketing.

How do you do this? How do you run Facebook ads in such a way so as to minimize competing advertisers, but still realize a healthy return on investment? You target your advertising to a market that your competitors are ignoring. Here’s the hint: There are a lot of countries in the world. And, the English language is currently the second most diversely spoken language on the planet, and the first most widely spoken language as a second language. What this means is that, in practically every country you can name, there’s a heck of a lot of people in that country who can understand and speak English. And, when it comes to many of these countries, most of your competitors are completely ignoring them.

How to get a lot of likes on Facebook fast.Now, the great thing is, when you launch an ad on Facebook, Facebook will allow you to enter a whole host of very specific targeting parameters. One of those parameters will force Facebook to only serve your ad to people who can read and understand English. You see, if you were to launch an advertisement on Facebook and target it to countries like, say, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, etc., you’ve got tons of competitors — many with big, fat wallets — who are also targeting the same countries and driving up the price of the ads. So, if you run an ad targeted to those countries in order to get a lot of likes to your Facebook page fast, you’re going to end up paying, perhaps, two or three dollars for every like you get — perhaps even more. That’s twenty or thirty bucks for a measly ten likes. It’s not worth it.

But, what if there was a way to run such an advertisement with a response price of, say, just $0.01? That’s one cent per acquired like. If you could do that, that same $20 or $30 would buy two to three-thousand likes. And, in my opinion, two-thousand likes for $20 bucks is most certainly worth it.

So, how do you do it, exactly? What’s the secret in how to get more people to like your Facebook business page for that sort of cost, using this method? Like I said, it’s all about your advertisement’s targeting. When you create your Facebook ad, you’re going to target only countries with significant populations of English speaking people, and countries that most of your competitors are ignoring, and, thus, not driving up the bid price on the advertisements.

For instance, about ninety-million people speak English in Pakistan. There are about fifty-million English speakers in the Philippines. Close to twenty-million in Thailand. Almost fifteen million in Nepal. Almost ten million in Cameroon. With just those countries alone, combined, you’re looking at a total English speaking population of close to two-hundred million people! If you could get your Facebook ad in front of just 0.1% of them, and just 1% of the ones who were served your ad liked your page as a result of seeing your ad, you’d get about two-thousand likes to your page. And, at a cost of $0.01 per response, it would have cost you all of twenty bucks.

If you want to know more of the details regarding exactly how to implement this tactic of how to get more people to like your Facebook business page, you can watch the very informative Youtube video available here:

And, if you have any of your own tips, tricks, methods or techniques regarding how to get more people to like your Facebook business page, we would love to hear your input and ideas! I encourage you to please use the comment box provided below to share what you have to say with all of our readers.

I hope you’ve found this article to be informative, and I wish you the absolute best of luck in getting tons of likes to your Facebook page, and in all of your future marketing efforts and endeavors. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also feel free to use the comment box below in order to let me know about them. I can’t guarantee a response, but I will do my best to address your questions and/or concerns as my time and schedule permits. And, if it turns out I can’t get to them in a timely manner, perhaps another reader will be able to chime in with some assistance.

Have a wonderful day!

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