How To Set Up An Amazon Affiliate Store

Ok, so you’re wondering how to set up an Amazon affiliate store, huh? Well, fret not, you have arrived at exactly the correct place! Because, here, on this page, I’m going to explain to you exactly what you need to know in order to go through the entire process of doing so. But, what’s even better is that, before I do that, I will, without delay, impart to you — very quickly and succinctly — an ultra-fast and painless method for getting your own Amazon affiliate store that is fully functional right out of the box. And, without further delay, here is that very method:

How to set up an Amazon affiliate store.

If you’ve got just a little bit of money to invest, you can obtain for yourself, today, a fully functional Amazon affiliate store — all ready to go. Pre-loaded with tons of products, all the website design already done for you, and all the functionality required for an Amazon affiliate store to operate, all already in place and completely ready to start making sales the very second visitors begin arriving on your page. This is, to the absolute best of my knowledge, the quickest, simplest and most hassle free method of how to set up an Amazon affiliate store that exists today.

The site you obtain will even search Amazon for new products that match criteria you give it and automatically add them to, and put them up for sale on, your Amazon affiliate store for you. Yes, the site will come pre-loaded with many hundreds, or even many multiple thousands, of products targeted to whatever marketing niche you choose, and it will automatically search Amazon, at regular intervals, for new products that Amazon adds in that niche, and then it will add them to your store for you — all without you having to do much of anything at all, really. There’ll be almost nothing for you to do at all except to concentrate on driving traffic to your store so you can start seeing sales and begin earning commissions from them.

However, as I said, it will require some level of monetary investment. But, don’t panic just yet. The amount required is very probably much less than what you’re currently thinking it might be. And, does it sound, from reading the preceding paragraphs that I’m really going out of my way in hyping it in order to possibly earn a commission, or something? Well, I’m not! If you decide to take advantage of acquiring an Amazon affiliate store using the method I’m about to show you, I will make absolutely no commission whatsoever — absolutely no money at all. Not a single, solitary penny. I’m merely letting you know about it, and telling you exactly how it works. I earn absolutely nothing whatsoever if you decide to spend money on taking advantage of the following method for how to set up an Amazon affiliate store.

So, anyway, back to the cost — it’s not that bad, really. In a lot of cases you should be able to acquire your own fully functional Amazon affiliate store for under $200.00 using the method I’m about to divulge. And, your Amazon affiliate store, procured in this way, will also come with its own domain name — and, in most cases that I’ve seen, a pretty decent one at that — sometimes, exceptionally decent!

So, in attempting to discover how to set up an Amazon affiliate store, if you’re looking for the easiest, quickest and most pain-free way of owning your own, entirely functional, already set-up and live on the Internet, Amazon affiliate store, I believe this is probably the way to go. So, how does one go this way? Simple:

Head to Once there, click on “New Sites” in the menu bar near the top of the page, and from the drop-down list that appears, choose “Starter Store.” When you’re taken to the page lists all of the starter store websites currently available, you’ll see a search box that says “Search starter websites…” in it. In that search box (not the search box at the very top of the page, but the one below it — the one that says ‘Search starter websites in it) enter the term “automated amazon” and do a search for that term. This will bring back a listing of all the pre-made, fully functional, already live on the Internet, Amazon affiliate stores that are currently up for sale on Flippa.

Wp amazon wordpress plugin.Each of these websites are for sale. And, if you see one you like, you can buy it and it’ll be yours. The websites are for sale on auction, but usually most will have a ‘buy it now’ price. At the time of this writing there are currently seven of these websites on offer, and each has a ‘buy it now’ price of less than $200.00. But, of course, you don’t necessarily have to pay that. The sites are on auction. So, you’re free to place bids, and, in so doing, you could possibly obtain the site for well less than the advertised ‘buy it now’ price.

Ok, so, what if you’re interested in how to set up an Amazon Affiliate Store but you’re not interested in purchasing one that’s already all set-up — what if you want to actually build your own Amazon affiliate store? Well, there are ways to do that as well.

How to Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Store

Doing it all yourself:

The first step, of course, will be to visit Amazon’s website and to sign-up as an affiliate. To do that, simply click on the preceding link (it will open in a new window) and, once you arrive at the page, click on the ‘Join Associates’ link near the top-right of the page (or, very bottom of page — either one will do) And, register as an Amazon affiliate (Amazon uses the term ‘Associate’ instead of Affiliate, but it means the same thing.)

Once that’s done, you’re ready to set up your Amazon affiliate store and begin earning commissions from any sales you make. But, how is this done? Well… this is where it gets a little tricky if you’re not a coder.

If you are a coder, you can, of course, utilize the Amazon Developer’s Kit to code your Amazon store front. But, most of us are not coders. If you’re not a coder, then the options available to you at this point pretty much fall into two broad categories: (1) Hire a coder to develop your Amazon store front for you. Or, (2) utilize one of the applications currently available from various third-party sources.

If the option that appears more appealing to you is the former, and not the latter, then, in hiring coders to develop your Amazon affiliate store for you, you might use the services of places like ODesk, eLance, or Guru, to find someone to do your store development for a reasonable price. Or, You can check Fiverr — sometimes people post gigs there offering to build Amazon affiliate stores for just $5.00. Just how reliable a product you obtain from going this route, however, might be sketchy.

If the option you choose is the latter, and not the former, then there’s a few different avenues available to you:

  1. You could set-up a WordPress website, then use a custom WordPress theme, such as this one, that’s designed to facilitate the incorporation of an Amazon store on your WordPress website.
  2. Or, instead of using an entire Amazon-Wordpress theme, you could use an Amazon WordPress store plug-in, such as this one, on your WordPress site, in order to achieve the same.
  3. You could use an all-in-one, stand-alone software solution, such as the very popular Associate-O-Matic to build an Amazon affiliate store for you.

Wordpress amazon affiliate theme.In choosing any one of the above three options as your solution for how to set up an Amazon affiliate store, you’ll be provided, from the suppliers themselves, with simple instructions that should walk you through the necessary steps involved in using those solutions to get your Amazon affiliate store up and running.

And, that’s about it, for now. I plan on delving deeper into this subject, and getting into much more intricate and involved technical detail in an upcoming article. So, be sure to bookmark us here at OnlineStoreHowTo.Com and check back often for updates so that you don’t miss out on valuable and interesting information when it’s posted!

And, what about you? Do you have any of your own information that y0u think might prove useful to our readers regarding how to set up an Amazon affiliate store? If so, we’d love to hear from you, and would greatly appreciate your input! Please feel free to make use of the comment box provided below and let us know of your own tips, or other information that you’ve found useful in setting up an Amazon affiliate store. Or, if you have any questions at all, be sure to share those as well. I can’t make any promises about getting back to you, but I will do my very best to respond to whatever queries you may have as my time and schedule permits. And, if it so happens that I can’t find the time, perhaps one of our other readers might be able to help you out.

Best of luck and good fortune to you! And I hope you have fun and find great success with your own Amazon affiliate store!

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