Online Store How To: Why Effective SEO is a Must

Online Store How ToAre you finding it difficult to produce sales for your online store? Mostly likely, the problem lies with the amount, or the quality, of web traffic that you’re currently getting to your online store. If you don’t get visitors, or you don’t get visitors who are eager to buy, you wont get sales. It’s as simple as that. If this is the problem that your online store is suffering from, then your remedy is to be found in Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, for short, encompasses a number of different methods and techniques for making your online store’s web site more attractive to search engines — thus, increasing the flow of web traffic, and, perhaps more importantly, the quality of web traffic — to your online store.

In the competitive atmosphere which exists on the Internet today, without an efficient and effective SEO campaign, the success of your online store is sure to slowly crumble. Gone are the days when a budding entrepreneur could open an online store, submit their online store’s website address to a few search engines and link lists here and there, and then sit back and watch the sales start coming in. Marketing your online store, and driving ample, quality traffic to it, is a much more complex and involved process these days. It requires expertise. Without a proactive and effective SEO campaign, your online store will quickly find itself starving for sales, as customers will just not be able to find it — or even know it exists at all.

The right SEO campaign, however, can assist your online store in reaching the top spots on Internet search engines. If someone were to enter a search phrase that was related to the product or service that you’re selling on your online store into Google, let’s say, that person would be extremely likely to click through to your online store if it were to appear at or near the very top of the results they were presented with. Without an effective SEO campaign, however, your online store might be buried deep in the search results. If your site is buried deep on, say, the nineteenth page of results, very few people will ever even see it. If your competitor’s online store, however, were to appear at or near the top of the page, your competitor will  get the click-through, and you wont. Your competitor then *might* make a sale from that visitor, but you *definitely* wont!

What’s more, that visitor might not have been merely a single sale — they may have told their family, friends, co-workers, etc., about the purchase they just made from your online store! Your competitor now has a visitor, might have a customer, and might have repeat sales from his visitor’s word of mouth advertising. Your online store definitely wont, however — and it’s really just because your competitor’s online store ranked higher in search engine results than your online store did.

Of course, effective SEO is not a simple undertaking for those who are unexperienced. It requires quite a fair amount of hard work, and considerable expertise. You need to know which methods, tactics and techniques work and which don’t. And, you need to know how to properly implement them. In order to best ensure that your online store achieves higher rankings in the major search engines, you will likely need to alter a good number of things on your online store’s website. For instance, search engines prefer websites that publish their own unique, high quality content. Such content may include articles, social media content, streaming video or images, or even online store shopping cart systems. You’ll have a constant need to consistently add new, fresh, quality  content to your online store’s website. Taking actions such as these is commonly referred to as making your store “search engine friendly.”

There’s a lot more to it than just that, however! You also want to have a good number of web links on other sites that point to your online store’s web page. These are known as “off-page links” And, they can’t come from just any old website. Modern search engines employ the use of complex software that assigns a “page rank” to all the web sites they index. This “page rank” is a an estimated rating of how valuable a website might be to potential visitors. If your links come from websites that have a low page rank, your search engine positioning wont be affected. If your links, however, come from pages with a very high page rank, your online store’s search engine ranking will go up. What’s more, if you link to websites with a lower page rank than your website currently has, your search engine ranking could actually suffer!

Take a page like, say, Amazon.Com.’s front page would have an extremely high page rank. If you could somehow get Amazon.Com to put a link on their front page that directed to your online store, search engines would detect this, and your online store’s search engine positioning would skyrocket. Because, the search engines use software which would basically say “Woah! Amazon.Com linked to that web site from their front page! That web site MUST be a web site that visitors would find highly useful!” And so, by having a web site with such a high page rank place a link on their page that leads to your online store, your page rank would rise, and with it, so would your ranking in search engine results.

So, you’ll want to employ methods to get other quality web sites, with good page rank, to link to your online store. You’re not likely to get a link on’s front page, but there are plenty of web sites out there, such as various blogs and Internet message forums, that have good page rank. And, there are a number of strategies that you can employ to get these pages to link to your online store.  The more quality links you have pointing to your online store, the more important search engines will think your online store is, and the higher your online store will appear in search engine results. And, of course, the higher your online store appears in the search engine listings when people are searching for relevant key words, the more quality traffic you’ll get, and the more sales your online store will make.

None of this, however, is very easy. It requires Time, effort, determination and expertise. You could learn the various methods and techniques, and do your SEO yourself — many do, and some are successful at it. But, luckily, you don’t have to take this task on yourself. There are many fine services available on the internet that specialize in search engine optimization that you can outsource your SEO needs to. After all, if your online store is going to be a success, you really should be concentrating on running your online store. Hiring out your SEO needs might seem costly, but it can be well worth it. SEO services obtained from an experienced and knowledgeable SEO company will pay for itself.  There are also quite a number of other SEO techniques that I haven’t discussed here, that a competent professional SEO company will be able to provide you with. An effective SEO campaign should not overlooked. It is crucial to the success of your online store. Better SEO means more traffic, and higher quality traffic, and that adds up to more sales.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your SEO needs, there are a number of trusted companies currently offering their services. Take care, however, and do your research first! The field of search engine optimization is also heavily populated with less than reputable organizations that will deliver sub-par results. If you’re looking for a good, reliable service, you could check out


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