Boost Your Online Store Website Profits More Than 300% With This Easy Trick

Online Store Website - Online Store How ToBefore the end of this article, I’m going to let you in on an extremely effective, and somewhat sneaky — yet, entirely ethical — secret trick that a very many successful Internet marketers who are currently earning huge profits with their own online store websites would really rather that I not divulge. This one easy trick can actually multiply the profits you pull in from your online store website, almost instantly, by up to 300 per cent, or more!

Before I begin, however, I need to ask you what might seem like a strange question. But, bear with me. You’ll understand the need to ask this question completely by the time you finish reading this article. So, here’s the question: How many times, do you think, that a computer actually purchased any product from your online store website? Or, anyone’s website, for that matter?

The answer, of course, is that it has never happened — not even once. You don’t market the products that you carry on your online store website to computers, and computers don’t purchase from your online store website. However, due to the Internet, and due to modern technology and the automated nature of doing business that the Internet now provides, many people who become involved in setting up an online store website often forget that they’re not doing business with computers at all. They forget that they’re not selling to computers. They forget that they’re still, in actuality, selling to human beings.

Just because your online store website is a website, and that the marketing you do to promote your online store website is done, for the most part, electronically, doesn’t mean that your actual target isn’t people. You target is people — people who are flesh and blood, not circuit boards and micro chips. Too many people starting an online store website fail to keep this in mind.

Even though you might be using electronic marketing tools like auto-responder programs or direct e-mail marketing, it’s actually you — a real, live, flesh and blood human being — who is actually attempting to promote your online store website to another real, live, flesh and blood, customer. Therefore, much of your online store website’s success lies in a one-on-one, personal connection between you and your potential customers.

The Key To Your Online Store Website’s Increased Profits:

It’s impossible to pitch your online store website to a computer. You just can’t convince a machine that they need to purchase from your online store website. No matter what you do, a machine will not become excited at the thought of purchasing that desirable product available on your online store website. It is so readily apparent, yet so many people setting up an online store website forget all about it — It’s a human being, not a computer, that will be visiting your online store website — the human being will just be using a computer to facilitate the visit. But, it’s still a PERSON who is the one visiting. Therefore, you MUST market your products to a human being — a real, live person —  and not to a machine.

So, how come so many online store website operators seem to behave as though they’re guilty of committing some crime, and hide or vanish when they’re conducting business online?

Perhaps you’re guilty of this yourself? Have you utilized the technology of the Internet in order to put up walls to hide behind? Walls that prohibit that human touch that businesses always benefit from? Have you ever been guilty of hiding behind an email service, rather than actually using the phone to talk to your customers — you know, talking? That thing that HUMANS do?

Have you used F.A.Q.s and other electronic customer service applications in order to avoid actually connecting with people?

I’m sure you probably believe that the incredible automation that the modern technology the Internet offers is one of the biggest advantages you have at your disposal for running your online store website. And, that’s ok. It’s ok to think that — as long as you’re happy with a decent amount of success for your online store website. However, if you’re not happy to settle for a “decent amount of success,” then actually engaging your customers and your business associates, on personal level, can really be the tool needed to drive your online store website’s profit earning potential into maximum overdrive!

At times, simply going one small extra step to add a personal touch to your online store website will actively increase your sales by upwards to 100% to 300%! Why is that? Because it provides to your customers an actual and real demonstration that your business is worthy of their trust. And, as any experienced and successful marketer will tell you: Every sale you will ever make, at its very foundation, relies on trust. If a customer does not trust you — if they don’t trust your business — they will not buy from you. It’s as simple as that.

Now, earlier I said that I was going to reveal a closely guarded secret trick. And, I bet you thought that I was going to reveal something overly complicated, or that required a lot of work to implement. Perhaps you even feared that you wouldn’t be able to fully understand it, and thus not be able to put it into effect in order to increase sales with your own online store website. Well, as it turns out, the secret, sneaky trick is actually exceedingly simple. And, here it is: Put your phone number on your online store website. Make it plainly visible. If you can afford it, make it a toll-free number. And put your mailing address on your online store website, and maybe a fax number. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for your potential and existing customers to contact you if they feel they need to. You would be amazed at just how far this will go in convincing your visitors to your online store website that you actually stand behind your business — that you’re actually proud of your online store website — that you’ve got absolutely no reason to hide from them. This automatically creates a feeling of security and trust in your customers. And, if your customers feel secure, and they trust you, they will buy from you.

It’s all about simple, human interaction — real human contact. All you have to do is simply converse with your customers and find out what it is that they want. Converse with them, one-to-one —  just like humans do.

Of course, you may be skeptical as to whether or not this will actually work for you and your particular online store website. And, that’s understandable. You’re most likely thinking that your business is just too small of an operation to handle the onslaught of telephone calls that you’re likely to receive.  Well, I’m sure you’re already well aware of just how crucial testing is in doing business, aren’t you? So, I say why not try out this trick first before rejecting it? Test the idea. I think you’ll be quite surprised at just how few calls you actually receive. You see, it’s not really about your customers actually phoning you — it’s about them just knowing that they can easily get in touch with a real person should the need arise. That’s what creates, in their mind, an immediate sense of trust. And, building trust builds sales.

I, in my consulting business, currently have a good number of clients who each have their phone numbers posted to their business websites, and most of them actually receive very few phone calls on a regular basis. However, if you are quite stretched for time — so much so that even a few calls would be difficult for you to handle — it is possible to employ someone to field your calls for you. Or, you could even outsource the job to call-center service. You’d be surprised at how cost effective many of these services can be when compared to the increase in sales you’re likely to achieve.

But, you really do need to do it. If you want to increase the revenue generating performance of your online store website, you really should be talking to your customers — even if its just every so often. Not only will your customers gain trust in you, your business, and your online store website, but you’ll also learn a lot from your customers. You’ll learn about what they want and what they expect from your online store website. And, you can use that valuable information to grow your business exponentially. That sort of information is literally worth its weight in gold.

You may not be aware of this, but quite a number of people actually have a phobia of talking to strangers on the telephone. You’d likely be surprised at just how common this is. Most people, to one degree or another, don’t actually like calling complete strangers — for any reason. So, it isn’t likely that you’re going to actually get a lot of people calling you in order to discuss trivial matters. People will avoid calling unless they feel they absolutely need to.

What are the reasons someone might pick up their telephone and actually call you? The four most common are:

  1. They are experiencing some sort of  urgent problem and they want someone to solve their problem as quickly as possible. If your online store website carries a product or service that will alleviate their problem, they’ll purchase it from you.
  2. They wish to make a purchase from your online store website, but they may have a couple of questions about your product or service. If you can provide them with the answers they seek, you’ll make the sale!
  3. They may have a comment or suggestion regarding one of your products, services, or about your online store website in general. In this case, the sort of information they provide during your conversations could be immensely valuable. Listen to what they have to say and you might just earn yourself a new customer.
  4. They may have some sort of a problem with your product, service, or something to do with your online store website, and they’re angry. However, even though they may be angry, if you can personally remedy whatever problem they may be having and set their mind at ease, they’ll love you for it, and they’ll buy from you!

Setting Up an Online Store WebsiteYou will very likely, and very quickly, learn to love hearing your phone ring! It will get to the point where every ring of the phone will sound to you like a potential sale — every ring will become a reminder that the sales from your online store website are going up, up, up! Every ring will become an opportunity to convert another visitor to your online store website into a buyer!

Now, here’s something that you should consider if your online store website specializes in big-ticket luxury items or expensive services: Anyone with any experience dealing in such areas will tell you that it’s very difficult to sell such items off-line, and it’s even more difficult to sell them through an online store website! It’s very difficult, yes… but, it’s certainly not impossible.

Give it some thought for a moment. If somebody is searching for, say, a diamond ring, and they happen to come across your online store website, they most likely will not just simply toss out a  payment for thousands of dollars based on nothing more than the sales pitch delivered through your online store website copy. And, don’t for a minute think that a chain of autoresponder messages will coax them into throwing around that sort of cash, either. It’s extraordinarily difficult to close a sale for that kind of money just through the usage of online web-copy and e-mail. No, it’s not absolutely impossible, and people do it. But, it’s really not easy. I mean, REALLY not easy.

However, it is decidedly more easy to close a deal for multiple thousands of dollars over the telephone! You can’t have a conversation with people through e-mail, or on an online store website. Sure, you can’t send messages back and forth — you can exchange information. But, you can’t have a real human-to-human conversation. It can’t be done. And, a real human-to-human conversation usually what’s needed in order to close those big ticket sales.

Many copywriters working on the internet today, for some reason, refuse to do it the simple way. They’ll avoid using the phone. They will communicate with their customers and associates only through email. Or, they might actually charge fees for support service calls. But, all this does (and it’s probably a part of the reason why they do it) is to send the message that they don’t want to talk to their customers. Such actions, however, undermines the trust of their potential customer. It makes it look as though they don’t care about the customer, and that they might even be hiding from the customer. And a person wont trust someone who appears to be dodging them. Potential customers will become suspicious.

Now, is every call you’re likely to receive going to end up being a happy experience that finishes with you putting money in your pocket via another sale from your online store website? No. Of course not. You will receive the odd unpleasant call from an angry person who just wants to vent their frustrations and nothing more. But, really, those types of calls are not the norm at all. They’re actually fairly uncommon. Most of the calls you’ll receive will come from decent people who have legitimate questions or concerns. They’ll likely be cordial, and if you treat them right, they’ll likely end up buying from your online store website.

So, how exactly might you put this sneaky sort of trick to work for you and start using it to boost sales and profits to your online store website? It’s easy: You simply add a telephone number to your online store website. That’s it. Begin by taking orders by phone. You can start by only taking calls during regular business hours. Then, as the profits from your online store website grows, you can add a dedicated customer service line too if you wish. When your online store website begins really dealing in significant volume, get a toll-free number, and maybe outsource your call service so you can accept support calls twenty-four hours per day.

The Internet, in many ways, has made a lot of marketers lazy. They now wish for everything to be automated — for everything to run on autopilot. What they want, really, is to not have to do any real work. They want to set up the system — set up their online store website, then sit back and watch the automated machine go to work by itself raking in dollars for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, that’s just not how one goes about running a successful business. That’s not how you run a profitable online store website.

“Doing business” always has been, and very likely always will be, to some extent, about interaction between people. It’s about striking a deal. You can strike those deals electronically — it can be done. But, if you want to ensure the utmost success for your online store website, then “reach out and touch someone!” You should really be thinking of ways to bring the aspect of real, person-to-person human interaction back into your business.

That’s the trick. Business is about dealings between people. If YOU are not dealing with people, but instead you’re dealing with computers — with machines — and your customers are always only doing the same, your business and your online store website will likely never achieve its fullest profit potential.

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