How to Start an Online Store with no Money

Practically everyone, I’m willing to bet, fantasizes about becoming filthy, rotten, stinking rich. And, as unrealistic as it may be, most of these fantasies involving amassing incredible wealth, by most of the people doing the fantasizing, quite often involve gaining all of this money without having to put forth any sort of effort in order to acquire it. Yes — the dream of easy riches! It’s one of the most common and long-lived human fantasies in existence. Even going back to the time when we were monkeys swinging from trees with out tails and flinging poo at the other monkeys who were telling us to quit daydreaming, at some time or another, just about every monkey spent some portion of some lazy afternoons sitting on the branch of a mighty tree and dreaming about just happening upon a giant pile of the sweetest fruit in the jungle one day, I’m sure.

How to Start an Online Store with no Money

But, we’re not monkeys swinging from trees anymore. We’ve evolved. (in some respects, at least) We’ve built vast and complex societies and civilizations. And, in the building of these civilizations, we’ve developed and implemented a few methods for facilitating the actual realization of our all too common dreams of easy riches. We invented the lottery. We invented casinos. We invented dirty politics with backroom deals. And, we invented the internet. So, now that we’ve come down from the trees and become sophisticated, we can dream our dream of acquiring effortless wealth, and, in reality, we have provided ourselves with the luxury of knowing that there’s actually a teeny, tiny, minuscule, unfathomably remote chance that perhaps — just perhaps — someday, such dreams might actually come true. We are a truly astounding species, to be sure! No?

Some of us incredibly advanced monkeys day-dream about one day acquiring the winning mega-millions sweepstakes ticket. Others day-dream about breaking the bank at the casino during a luxurious and adventure filled trip to Monte Carlo. And, others yet — the more simple folk of the advanced monkey class, I suppose — dream simply about one day, by mere chance, happening upon a secret box of money. But, many of us, dream about starting an internet business and using it to build instant, effortless riches.

How to open an online store with no investment in moneyBut, a lottery ticket can be had for nothing more than a dollar or two, and finding a box of money, or some other type of buried treasure, requires nothing more than being in the right place at the right time. So, wherein lies the attraction in starting an internet business as a means to gain easy wealth? Quite simply, the prospects for fruition appear, to many, to be more realistic — more achievable — in going this route. After all, the odds of winning the lottery are astronomically small. Aren’t they? And, who has ever heard of anyone ever actually stumbling upon a box of money quite by accident? But, with the right internet business — and if you could just learn that secret, easy to implement formula — that simple recipe for online riches easily followed — you could spend five minutes a week, sitting in front of your computer in your underwear, putting the steps into action and bringing about an absolute flood of cash, delivered directly to your door by a giant armored truck on a daily basis, right?

So, going the route of starting your own online internet business seems like the most viable option. But, there may be a problem. Can a successful internet business (such as your own, profitable online store) be had for the price of a lottery ticket? Are you likely to just stumble upon a revenue churning internet business while out hiking on a nature trail somewhere? You have no money, right? So, with that — with no money — can you actually start an internet business and actually make money with it?

I suppose the answer is… it’s possible:

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