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If you’re thinking of opening your own online store there’s no doubt that WordPress offers one of the most enticing systems available — for a number of reasons. A high-functioning, profit-ready online store can be set-up on WordPress very quickly and easily, and usually with no need to know any complex coding. WordPress itself is simple to set-up and maintain, and better still, can be transformed into a powerful online store very easily, simply by using a WordPress online store plugin.

Wordpress Online Store PluginA number of such WordPress online store plugins are currently available and can be downloaded and installed easily via WordPress’ own built-in plugin interface. However, a quick examination of the available list will show that user’s experiences with a good many of these WordPress online store plugins has been less than satisfactory.

In my many years of operating successful online stores on the internet, I’ve used a number of WordPress online store plugins and I can tell you that up until fairly recently, there just wasn’t a WordPress online store plugin that could compete with a dedicated, stand-alone, online store script. They just didn’t offer the versatility that a stand-alone script — being a dedicated system entirely designed from the ground up to function as an on-line store and for no other purpose — could provide.

Today, there are still very few quality WordPress online store plugins. But, at least there are now some. There exists, as mentioned, a fair number of WordPress online store plugins available in total. But, merely a small few that are honestly any good. And, of these small few, some of them are actually quite expensive. Luckily, however, in my opinion, the absolute very best WordPress online store plugin currently available also happens to be one of the cheapest.

My personal recommendation for a WordPress online store plugin is a plugin called MarketTheme. Out of all the WordPress ecommerce plugins available, it’s the one I recommend to all of my clients that are looking to use WordPress as the platform for their online store.

The Best WordPress Online Store Plugin for 2013

Many people constantly ask me: What’s the best free ecommerce plugin for WordPress? And, I have to responded that there really isn’t one. It has been my experience that all of the free ones available are seriously lacking in either functionality, reliability, or — as is very often the case — both. And, it makes perfect sense if you think about it. Hear me out here: People use WordPress ecommerce plugins to make money, right? If a WordPress ecommerce plugin works really well, then that’s the plugin that successful online store operators are going to choose. If they were the type of person that would choose a woefully substandard tool for the job, they wouldn’t be successful. A person who is given to that sort of behavior is not the type of person who easily achieves success. Successful people know how to choose the right tool for the job, and they do it. So, if a WordPress online store plugin is good — if it functions well — there are going to be successful online store operators using it. And, they’re going to be making money with it. So, why would any producer of a quality WordPress online store plugin release it for free when its being used to make money for other people?

The best free ecommerce plugin for WordPress 2013People WILL spend money to make money — at least successful people will. If a WordPress online store plugin is being used to make money for people, people WILL spend money to get themselves that WordPress online store plugin. What would you expect the developer of that plugin to do? Say: “Well, there’s a whole bunch of people who would eagerly want to give me money in order to use my product, but, nah, they can just have it. I don’t want them to give me their money that they’re going to use my hard work and effort to make.”? Not likely.

Of course, any developer who has such a WordPress online store plugin available is going to charge some amount for it. So, what does that say about all of the free online store plugins for WordPress out there? It says that there’s no such thing as a best free ecommerce plugin for WordPress! If you want quality WordPress ecommerce plugins, you’re going to have to pay for them. It’s as simple as that. Haven’t you ever heard the old saying “It takes money to make money”? There’s a reason why that saying is so prevalent, well known, and commonly used — Because it’s absolutely TRUE!

The very fortunate thing is that the absolute best WordPress store plugin, while not being free, is actually very inexpensive. In fact, the entire WordPress online store plugin MarketTheme is actually less than sixty bucks — just a one time price of $55.00. That’s all. And, it gives you everything you need to instantly set-up a WordPress online store.

MarketPress is most definitely my top recommendation for a WordPress online store plugin. But, I’d encourage you to check out all of the options out there and fully familiarize yourself with each. I’m confident, however, that you will not find a better WordPress online store plugin at anywhere near that price.

You can get more information about the MarketTheme WordPress online store plugin and theme by clicking on this link.

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